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Replace Laptop Memory

Laptop Memory Here we’ll show how to replace the laptop memory, this skill can be of use not just for fixing the 0x0000008e error. Replacing laptop memory is not difficult, you are not required to be a technician. But if you are not sure of your skills, you are recommended to ask a competent person for help.

Changing Laptop Memory Steps

  • Shut down your computer
  • Unplug the power cord and all other cords
  • Turn your laptop over and take out the battery
  • Find the memory cover. If you cannot find the memory compartment, use the laptop’s manual to locate it or find the description on the manufacturer’s website (sometimes you need you remove the keyboard to access the memory).
  • Undo the screws and remove the cover.
  • Take steps to avert static electricity, for example by the means of special clothes or a anti-static wrist strap, or ground yourself before you touch the memory. RAM modules are very sensitive to even small electricity charges.
  • Release the side clips that hold the module. Gently pull both clips at the same time outwards and the memory will pop up. Take the memory out holding it by the corner edges (never touch the golden pins!).
  • Match the notched edge of the new memory with the notch in the slot, align it with the slot and gently slide it in until the golden pins are completely hidden. At this point the memory should be firmly seated.
  • Gently push the memory down. When it is properly positioned, the side clips lock and hold it in place.
  • Place the cover back, insert the screws.
  • Install the battery and plug in the power cord
  • Start up and check the amount of memory recognized.

Replacing Laptop Memory Video

This video is for somewhat complicated case, when the RAM is beneath the keyboard. Be careful when removing the keyboard, make sure it’s cable is not disconnected from the motherboard.

What if the problem still remains?

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