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Memory Test Software

We recommend always to test your newly bought memory with special memory test software. If the test reveals errors, get a refund or replace the bad RAM module with another one. Don’t hope that it will work properly and remember that you won’t be able to repair it. Memory is a very sensitive hardware piece, a faulty memory may cause serious errors, up to complete inability to use your computer. Using memory test software is an important step in resolving the 0x0000008E and BSOD problems. If the the test shows no memory flaws, check other 0x0000008E fixes.

Memory Test Software: Memtest86

Memory Test Software Memtest86 is free, reliable, small-sized and very easy to use memory testing software. The only thing you need to do is download the ISO image from Memtest86’s website and write it to a CD. Then restart your computer, choose to boot from the CD and sit back, Memtest86 will do the rest.

Other Memory Test Software:

There are other options of memory test software, such as Windows Memory Diagnostic, M2K MemScope or DocMemory Memory Diagnostic. They also work fine and are absolutely free, yet many users prefer Memtest86 for a number of reasons:

  • Windows Memory Diagnostic and DocMemory Memory Diagnostic require to create a bootable floppy disk (well, modern computers don’t even have floppy drives:). With Windows Memory Diagnostic you can alternatively create the ISO image and burn it to a CD.
  • You will be asked to fill out a short form on M2K’s website to download M2K MemScope.

You are free to choose any option to test your memory. If memory test software doesn’t reveal any flaws but you keep getting the 0x0000008e code, look through Stop: 0x0000008E error checklist.

What if the problem still remains?

If you are not a computer expert and not sure what caused your problem scan your computer with this tool for FREE. This is an all-in-one solution that repairs the whole system and even reverses the damage already done using a full online database of replacement files. The program's functionality is not limited to a specific range of problems, like driver or registry issues, system settings or malware, but covers all of them.