How to Repair Windows XP?

How to Repair Windows XP? At first glance, the most simple answer appears to be calling a computer guy or reinstalling the system from scratch. However, both these methods have their downsides. Having you computer repaired by an expert from a repair service will cost a few hundred dollars and if Windows XP will continue failing now and then you’ll spend a fortune of these services. Reinstalling Windows XP is also not the best of the solutions because in this case you loose all your settings, programs, drivers or even valuable data. Having a fresh installation will certainly cure many of the glitches but you’ll have to install and adjust all your programs, tools, drivers afresh. If you have many of them the procedure may devour a few days of your life. On this page we suggest several ways to Repair Windows XP.

How can I repair Windows XP safely and keep all my programs, settings, drivers and data?

If you are not a computer expert and you current installation of Windows XP seems to go bad, but you don’t feel like losing your programs, settings and data, and then installing and adjusting them anew, use the following Windows XP repair solution:

However, don’t hurry to pay from $250 to $500 or more to PC repair services (that’s an average cost of things you can easily do on your own at little or no cost).

If you are not a computer expert use the following first-aid solutions:

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  • Install the program and launch it.
  • Let the program scan your computer and repair the errors.

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The innovative high-end approach is the major reason. In most simple terms, repairing Windows XP with 0x0000008E Fix is the same as reinstalling the system without losing programs, settings and data, which has never been possible before! This tool scans your system, compares every byte of it with the online replacement database and then repairs or replaces corrupt or missing system files with fresh, healthy files, or removes the files that should not be there (like viruses, trojans and other malware).

With 0x0000008E Fix you can:

  • Forget about reinstalling Windows XP, ever;
  • You don’t need a CD to fix Windows;
  • Keeps all your programs, files, settings, drivers, updates, desktop as they were;
  • Detect and repair or removes or only the files that need to be repaired or removed and restore missing files using the full database of replacement files
  • Have fully automated repairs without any computer knowledge;
  • Fix the whole system and not just a limited problem area like viruses or trojans, registry, faulty troubles malware or other problems (see the chart below).
  • For your convenience all the changes can be reversed.

Computer experts recommend always to have 0x0000008E Fix installed on your computer as a first-aid Windows XP repair tool, especially with the computer with system problems is used for work and reinstalling Windows is associated with serious losses.

What are the alternative ways to repair Windows XP?

You may try the following methods. However, their effectiveness is limited to specific areas.

  • Last Known Good configuration (works with one registry key only). This will attempt to roll back your system to the state of last successful shutdown.
  • System Restore option (if you have restore points)
  • System Repair function (also frequently called “Repair Install”). This option may be quite effective, for some shortcomings:
  1. You need the installation CD to use Repair Install (which many laptop owners don’t have).
  2. Repair Install is not foolproof and recommended only to advanced users. Accidentally, you may wipe away all you data and programs, that is why it is highly recommended to backup all important information before launching this procedure.
  3. After using Repair Install you will have only the updates and service packs that you have on the CD. All the newer updates you had on your computer will be gone for good.

We hope our tips helped you repair Windows XP.

What if the problem still remains?

If you are not a computer expert and not sure what caused your problem scan your computer with this tool for FREE. This is an all-in-one solution that repairs the whole system and even reverses the damage already done using a full online database of replacement files. The program's functionality is not limited to a specific range of problems, like driver or registry issues, system settings or malware, but covers all of them.