0x0000008e in watchdog.sys

STOP 0x0000008e in watchdog.sys frequently occurs on laptops when users attempt to watch videos, particularly watching Youtube videos or any other flash videos, using Cyberlink’s PowerDVD, MediaClassic player. Watchdog.sys is a Dynamic-link library file, a Windows system file that serves as a common process denoting an executable program in the OS. Watchdog.sys acts as a shared library of functions which is provided by with the Windows OS and available for any Windows application orother applications. That’s why watchdog.sys cooperates with video drivers, antivirus and other protection software.However, Watchdog.sys may also be a virus or a trojan disguised as a system file. That’s why in case of STOP 0x0000008e in watchdog.sys a frequent (and not quite agreeable) recommendation is to reinstall the system. However, there are ways around if you don’t want to reinstall and adjust all your programs and do a lot of routine work once again.

However, don’t hurry to pay from $250 to $500 or more to PC repair services (that’s an average cost of things you can easily do on your own at little or no cost).

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In fact, Watchdog.sys is located in the system directory: C:\windows\system32. If you find this process executed from any other location it is highly recommended to scan your system for malware and then fix possible damage.

A common ““STOP 0x0000008e watchdog.sys”” error message is similar to this:

STOP code 0x0000008E (0xE0000001,0xBA4A8925,0x8B0D6820,0x00000000) watchdog.sys address BA4A8925base at BA4A8000 datestape 480254ab

sometimes users report additionally getting the following message:


Often, STOP 0x0000008E in watchdog.sys however, it may be pointing to a problem with your current graphic card driver. There are many instances when the problem begins to occur after updating the Adobe Flash Player which conflicts with your current video driver. Watchdog timer is a Windows application that triggers a corrective action or system reset if something goes wrong on your system. Watchdog timer is used by GDI (Graphics Driver Interface) to monitor the time and defines time threshold that each thread spends during the execution in the display driver. Sometimes a thread may spend more time in a display driver than defined by Watchdog timer.The graphics adapter gets caught in an infinite loop while it waits for the video hardware to become idle.

  • To start with, update you current video driver and see if it helps.
  • Install Windows updates and see id it helps.
  • Reinstall display drives and see id it helps.
  • Update you disable you antivirus program (disabling is not recommended as it leaves you computer vulnerable to malware attacks)
  • If you keep getting STOP 0x0000008e in watchdog.sys while watching Youtube videos, try disabling hardware acceleration (Right-click on Flash Banner (under Adobe Flash Player) and Under Settings, Uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration from the Settings panel). This method is reported to be effective by some users. However, this method is rather a temporary workaround than a fix.
  • Try using a different browser if you use it to watch videos. 0x0000008e in watchdog.sys is reported to occurs mostly on Chrome and Firefox.
  • If 0x0000008e in watchdog.sys appeared after Adobe Flash Player update, return to the previous version.

Multiple editions of hotfixes for Watchdog.sys are available from the Microsoft company. Apply the one designed for your OS and see if that helps.

What if the problem still remains?

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